Young hemato-oncological patients

Talking about hemato-oncological diseases is always complicated.

From a scientific point of view, these are neoplasms that affect bone marrow, the tissue that produces blood cells.

From a human point of view, it is almost always news that disarrays your life, radically changing it and forcing you to reorganize everything. That’s why it’s so complicated to talk about things like leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, myelodysplasia, especially for young people.

Nevertheless, talking about these diseases is useful: for those who tell their own story, as a tool to put thoughts in order; for those who listen to it, as a way to deal with the lives of others to decide how to direct their own.

This is the objective of this module: to collect, understand and share the experiences of young people (15-34 years old) who are facing – or have faced – a hemato-oncological disease; to “distill” the knowledge of this community and make it available to the community itself.

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