Frau Bodmer

Ms. Bodmer is 28 years old at the time of the interview, has two siblings, and lives in the northern part of Switzerland. Ms. Bodmer is currently working in education. Her 88-year-old grandmother, who is physically healthy, developed dementia six years ago. Her grandmother does not have a specific dementia diagnosis. Ms. Bodmer’s grandmother lives alone at home in a small village. Ms. Bodmer’s father, who lives in the immediate vicinity, cares for his mother daily. There is a wider support network of family members, friends, and neighbors who are in daily contact with Ms. Bodmer’s grandmother as well. The grandchildren help around the house, and Ms. Bodmer visits her grandmother on weekends to do things with her. Outside help from the outpatient nursing service has been considered by the family, but Ms. Bodmer’s grandmother is emotionally sensitive to the suggestion of bringing in external support.