Frau Hürsch-Dietrich, Herr Hürsch und Frau Colombo-Hürsch

Mrs. Hürsch-Dietrich is 81 years old at the time of the interview and lives in the northwestern part of Switzerland. Her husband, seven years older than she is, recently moved into a nursing home. He was diagnosed with dementia ten years ago, however, Mrs. Hürsch believes that the first signs of the disease appeared ten years before the diagnosis. Mrs. Hürsch cares for her husband with the help of their four children. Two of the children, Mr. Hürsch (age 51) and Mrs. Colombo-Hürsch (age 52), participated in the interview. Despite having constant care, a period of increased aggressivity a few years ago added additional stress on Mrs. Hürsch. Sending her husband to the day program two to three times a week as well as taking a vacation bed for a few days was essential to provide more complete breaks from care. Transferring her husband to a nursing home was an emotionally difficult step for Mrs. Hürsch.

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