Frau Martin-Perret

Mrs. Martin-Perret, 78 at the time of the interview, is married and lives in western Switzerland with her husband, who is 95. The couple has one son. Her husband, who is physically healthy, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia two years ago. Mrs. Martin-Perret is coping with the caregiving situation; she feels sufficiently able to deal with her husband and attributes this confidence to her professional expertise and generally caring attitude. Mrs. Martin-Perret worked as a nurse practitioner in pediatrics. The fact that the couple gets along well also contributes to the successful caregiving relationship as do the quiet nights. Mrs. Martin-Perret is supported by a caregiver for two hours a week. Her son also helps, caring for his father in between moments. However, Mrs. Martin-Perret does not feel that she receives any support from other family members and friends.

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