Frau Tailler

Mrs. Tailler lives in the western region of Switzerland. She is 70 years old. Her husband, who is 81, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia six years ago. Both Mrs. Tailler and her husband were previously married. Mrs. Tailler has three children from her first marriage, and her husband has four children. Mrs. Tailler worked as a nurse practitioner. The Alzheimer’s diagnosis turned Mrs. Tailler’s life upside down. Caregiving has made her housebound; she sees her hopes of enjoying life as a retiree with her husband thwarted. She is no longer able to do for her own family what she wishes she could; she lacks the time to look after her grandchildren or to go out for social engagements. The fact that it is not possible to talk to her husband about his illness limits Mrs. Tailler’s hope for relief. Mrs. Tailler is supported by her husband’s daughters, who arranged for him to be enrolled in a day program, which he has recently begun attending two times a week. He is on the waiting list for short stays in several homes.