Herr Wolfensberger

Mr. Wolfensberger is 74 years old at the time of the interview; his wife is 81. The couple lives in the southwestern part of Switzerland. Mrs. Wolfensberger was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia 11 years ago. Seven years ago, she suffered a stroke. Although she partially recovered, her vision, motor skills, and spatial orientation have been severely limited ever since. Mrs. Wolfensberger requires 24-hour nursing care, which places a heavy burden on Mr. Wolfensberger. For the past four years, his wife has been cared for in the mornings by Spitex. The respite service comes three times a week, and she attends a day structure once a week. This care arrangement allows Mr. Wolfensberger to pursue his work. The couple were employed in academia. Mr. Wolfensberger has dementia-specific expertise.

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